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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do intended parents need this?
    The Psychological consultation for intended parents is a necessary step in your donor or surrogacy cycle, but rest assured, this is not a pass/fail or a fitness test for parenting. Instead, it’s meant to help you understand the unique challenges associated with your cycle and be well prepared for all the emotions and challenges that can surface during this time, your pregnancy, and beyond. The Mind360 platform is designed to provide you with easy access to this service. With mobile-friendly telehealth systems, we make this step of the process easy and convenient for you.
  • How and when do we get the assessment report?
    IVF clinics, Donor Banks, and Surrogacy agencies receive the reports through their secure and HIPAA-compliant portal. We upload the completed report two to three business days after the appointment, and a notification is sent to let the team know that a new report is ready and can be downloaded.
  • How soon can I get an appointment?
    Almost immediately. We have availability as soon as 24 hours in advance. For your convenience, we also offer evening and weekend appointments.
  • What is the Mind360 advantage?
  • Do you offer appointments in other languages?
    Yes, we offer appointments in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. If your patient doesn’t speak any of these languages, please contact us, and we’ll work on getting a translator.
  • When do I have to take the PAI (Personality Assessment Inventory)?
    We proctor the PAI live during your consult. We reserve enough time for you to answer the PAI questions while connected with the psychologist. That way, you can get support if you need any help. It also ensures that there’s no outside influence and the entire process is completed right there, so you don’t have any follow-up tasks.
  • Why do I need a psychological evaluation to be a donor or a gestational carrier?
    ASRM, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, has as part of its guidelines that a couple engaging in a cycle that includes a donor egg, donor embryo, donor sperm, or a gestational carrier must visit with a mental health professional. The recipient(s), donors, and gestational carriers need to go through a simple psychological evaluation. At Mind360, our team has conducted thousands of these evaluations for over five years, helping patients, egg banks, surrogacy agencies, and IVF clinics easily navigate this process.
  • What appointment type should I choose?
    Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation - Choose this appointment if you’re donating your eggs to be used by someone else. Intended Parent(s) – Recipient - Chose this appointment if you’re using eggs or sperm donated by someone else, or if you’re using a gestational carrier. Gestational Carrier Psychological Evaluation - Choose this appointment if you will be the surrogate (carrying the baby) for another person. Sperm Donor Psychological Evaluation - Choose this appointment if you’re donating your sperm to be used by someone else. Joint Session - If intended parent(s) are going through the process with a gestational carrier or know donor, a Joint Session with all the parties involved is usually required. This appointment should be booked only after all parties involved have had their individual consultations.
  • Are you licensed in my state?
    Yes, we are licensed in all 50 US states and also internationally.
  • How much does it cost?
    If you are a donor or gestation carrier, the cost of your evaluation is usually covered by your agency or clinic. Part of our mission is to help make infertility treatment accessible to everyone, so we pride ourselves in being one the most affordable providers of this service in the country. For more details, call or text us at (866)360-0927 or message us through the patient portal after booking your appointment.
  • Am I going to see a Psychologist social worker/therapist?
    All of our providers are Psychologists. They’re PhDs, and ASRM trained, with years of experience helping patients complete their assessments for thir-party cycles and help them navigate their journey to parenthood.
  • How does the Mind360 platform work?
    For donors, gestational carriers, and intended parents: All you need to do is click “Book an appointment” on our website; it takes less than a minute to book your appointment. You’ll receive texts and email reminders with instructions to connect to your telehealth appointment. That’s it! Our team takes care of the rest, and your report will be sent to your clinic/agency within a couple of days after your appointment. For egg banks, GC agencies, and IVF clinics: We set up a client portal where you can book an appointment for your patients. If you prefer that they book themselves, it’s okay; once they schedule it, you’ll receive an automatic notification, as well as when they cancel or miss their appointment. You will also be notified when the report is completed and ready for download on your portal. So no more chasing down mental health providers, explaining what you need, waiting weeks for an appointment, and follow-up emails back and forth.
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