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Fertility Counseling

Teen Psychologist

Mind360  offers evidence-based psychotherapy services to we help you navigate the road to parenthood in an empathic, caring, and private environment.

  • Why me?

  • Fertility and my marriage

  • Fertility and my career

  • Reflecting on loss and bouncing back

  • Should I tell anyone? Who and when?

  • Reviewing your motivations and options

"I must admit that I was a little bit nervous before the meeting, but once me and the assigned psychologist started interacting all the nervousness went away. It was a really nice experience, the communication was more than effective, and I felt at ease the whole time! So incredibly kind and easy to talk with. It was such a smooth experience! Very informative and nothing was awkward or uncomfortable, the conversation flowed. She was very helpful and patient with me!"  -  Micah 

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