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Leading Mental Health Platform

That's bridging the gap between psychology and medicine in the world of infertility
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Infertility, and all that comes with it, is a road better traveled with strong mental health support

We specialize in performing psychological assessments for third-party infertility cycles as well as counseling individuals and couples going through their journey to parenthood.

Our Ph.D. professionals are licensed across the country and trained on the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines. With years of experience working with IVF centers, egg banks, and surrogacy agencies, our team has the compassion and expertise to meet you where you are and help you navigate the often rocky fertility journey.  

​​Third-party cycles are complex, but the psychological assessment doesn’t need to be!
We make that part of the process easy, so you can concentrate on other tasks knowing that this piece of the puzzle is taken care of for you.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3...
  1. Click here to book an appointment. It takes just a few clicks
  2. Donor, Recipient, or GC meets with a psychologist via telehealth for the assessment
  3. The report is uploaded to your clinic's custom portal, where you can access it at anytime
The Mind360 Difference
  • All via Telehealth. No need for an extra trip to the office for your patients
  • ​Immediate availability. Don’t delay cycles because of psych evaluation
  • Satisfy ASRM and FDA recommendations without hassle

Evening and weekend hours!

Your journey to parenthood is your priority and ours. That's why we've made scheduling as simple and stress-free as possible. Let's get together and talk! 

Patient Testimonials

My husband and I were required by our fertility doctor to have an evaluation and were given a couple of service options to research and inquire about. Mind 360 has a very user friendly platform for making appointments, completing the required forms, and receiving statements for insurance purposes. Our meeting was virtual and we did not have to meet in person which was very convenient. Thais Varzoni was a pleasure to meet and it was great speaking to her for our evaluation. She was very personable and easy to open up to and speak with.

— Monica

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